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Benchman Portfolio

The Portfolio

This is a sample of Benchman photos I have taken. It will grow over time as new images are added. What appeals to me about Benchman is I can place him anywhere, in any situation I want. It’s all down to imagination.

If You Can Imagine It

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoy creating them. I’m always open to any ideas that you may have of putting Benchman anywhere in the universe. It can be the future, the present or the past. It doesn’t have to be on earth either. If you can think it, Benchman can be in it. As bway Steve said, if you have a bench, you have the universe.

Everyone Should Have A Bench

A bench too, in the physical sense, is a wonderful place to be. Certainly one of man’s greatest inventions. You see them everywhere, from bus shelters and mountain ranges to cemeteries and country roads. What better place to be able to sit and contemplate or just watch the world go by. Maybe think through your problems, breathe in the fresh air or reminisce about the past. A bench is truly a wonderful piece of furniture. What better addition to a garden than somewhere to sit alone, or with that special someone. Every garden should have one. In the shade, in the sun, it doesn’t matter, even in the rain. It will change your life.

My Happy Place

I love my bench, so many times I have found solace there with my thoughts. A summers evening, a glass of beer or early morning with a fresh mug of English breakfast tea. It doesn’t matter to me, I am in my happy place when I’m sat on a bench.

Here’s a link to a beautiful poem about a bench.