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Benchman travels the universe with his bench, seeing things that others can't see.

Making Friends

Making Friends

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Wherever you go in the world or the universe for that matter, people and androids usually are all the same. If you’re nice to them, you can bet they will be nice to you. Animals too, after all, we are all animals. I was resting the other day, in some far-off region of my imagination. Sat on my bench, when an Android with his pet came along.

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Watching the cloud walkers

Watching The Cloud Walkers

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A calm, cloudy day, a lovely day to sit and watch the cloud walkers. There are many of them, of all ages and sizes. Some are surprised to be on the walk while others have been looking forward to it for some time. One thing though, they are all very quiet and seemingly deep in thought.

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Waiting for a piano lesson in the woods

I’m Still Sitting

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I’m still sitting and waiting, patiently, on my bench for a piano lesson. I would dearly love to play the piano, but I think the coordination is too much. Never mind. I can wait, I have time and plenty of it.

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How it should be.

How It Should Be

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Life is like an unfinished painting and that’s how it should be. We start with a blank canvas from the moment we take our first breath. Every day, colours are added, some grey and some vibrant. Days when we don’t feel like painting or adding something to the picture. On other days that are bright and colourful

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Moonlight Mile

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When the wind blows and the rain feels cold, with a head full of snow….this is the opening line from a song called ‘Moonlight Mile’ by the Rolling Stones.

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On The Edge

On The Edge

On the edge of what? The edge of life? The edge of the photo? Who knows? We all feel on the edge at times. It might be fun or it might be excruciating. Some days are better than others.

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