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Making Friends

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Making Friends

Wherever you go in the world or the universe for that matter, people and androids usually are all the same. If you’re nice to them, you can bet they will be nice to you. Animals too, after all, we are all animals. I was resting the other day, in some far-off region of my imagination. Sat on my bench, when an Android with his pet came along.

He was very polite and kneeled before me when we met. He introduced himself as ‘Albi’ and the pet was known as ’68GDO’ abbreviated to ’68’. They were both very, very friendly and it was a pleasure to meet them. We talked about ‘Grobball’ which turns out to be a planet in their solar system which looks like a football. I must have spent what seemed like a couple of hours with ‘Albi’, but it was probably much less before we said our goodbyes and I returned to my reality for a while.

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