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Living In A Cave

Living In A Cave

There’s always a dream that I’ve had of living in a cave. Not like our ancestors did, but still a cave and with some modern luxuries. On the edge of a lake, the summer sun shining, what a dream.

I think I would have to find a way of securing the front, but Benchman can do anything as well as go anywhere. Add a bottle of wine too and what more could anyone possibly want? Life has taken a strange and unexpected turn for most of us during these past few months. Our lives are nothing like they were only a few weeks ago. You’ve got to have a dream. One day, our dreams will come true and this reality we are living at the moment will be a thing of the past.

2 thoughts on “Living In A Cave”

  1. Nice dream, but the plane is breaking the silence and the dream with his presence. I’m a solitary man, although I’M married, I would let no other people in my cave…
    But on the other hand: the plane brings food, books and other stuff maybe??

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