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Meeting John Lennon

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Meeting John Lennon

If you could meet and talk with anyone you want,

who would it be? There’s a bench with a statue of John Lennon sat on it. I thought how lovely it would be to meet in beautiful surroundings and listen to what he had to say. I wonder what he would say to me. My first thoughts are that he would be well fed up after what happened to him back in 1980.

The world lost a popular music genius and with it a whole bunch of yet to be written music. John Lennon was one-half of the most popular composers of the twentieth century. Paul McCartney continues to this day, still touring and playing live music. We can only imagine what life would have been like if John was still here today.

Who would you like to be able to meet and spend an hour or so with talking? We all have heroes and Benchman has a few, one of them being the great John Lennon. Life is tough at times and the world never stays still.

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